Error: Demo Timer Started Not Licensed on NI OPC Servers

Updated Nov 7, 2023

Reported In


  • OPC Servers

Issue Details

I am attempting to communicate with a PLC using the NI OPC Server, and I get the following error: Demo timer started. Reason: Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet is not licensed. 

Why is this happening?



This is likely a licensing issue.
  • Make sure that NI OPC Server is fully licensed (solid green) in the NI License Manager (Start Menu >> Search 'NI License Manager')
    • If the software is not licensed, we will need to activate it
  • If NI OPC Server is fully licensed, we need to investigate which license we have:
    • If using the NI OPC Servers (1 driver) license, make sure there are no other drivers being used. We will only be able to connect to one driver at a time with this license.
  • If NI OPC Server was recently installed, make sure to restart your machine