Poisson's Ratio in DAQExpress Strain Gage Analog Input

Updated Aug 24, 2018

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  • DAQExpress

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I see that Poisson's ratio is an input present for all bridge configurations of a strain gage analog input task in DAQExpress. Is this value auto-populated? How is it used in the strain calculation?


Poisson's ratio should be entered as the ratio of the material being measured. It is auto-filled by default as 300E-03 (steel). However, it is not relevant for all bridge configurations.

Poisson's ratio is irrelevant for these configurations:
  • Full Bridge I
  • Half Bridge II
  • Quarter Bridge I
  • Quarter Bridge II
In these cases, you may leave the Poisson's ratio as the default value, as it will not be factored into the calculation.


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