How Can I Read the Fault Signal from my UMI in LabVIEW.

Updated Aug 24, 2018

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  • PCI-7330


  • NI-Motion

Issue Details

I'm using an NI Universal Motion Interface (UMI) to control a drive with an NI-Motion controller, and I can read the Fault signal from the drive in the UMI but I don't know how to read that signal in LabVIEW.

How can I read the Fault signal from my UMI in LabVIEW?


There's no way to directly read the Fault signal from the UMIs in LabVIEW, in order to do this it will be necessary to make an additional connection from the Fault signal of the drive to one of the digital ports in the Digital I/O connector of the UMI. 

Once the signal is connected to the digital channels it can be read from LabVIEW using the Digital I/O VIs.


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