FlexRIO Adapter Module Example VIs not in LabVIEW Example Finder

Updated Aug 27, 2018

Reported In


  • FlexRIO
  • NI-RIO 2.3
  • FlexRIO 15.0

Issue Details

I am using a FlexRIO module and I don't see any examples for my Adapter Modules in the Example Finder. I've installed the RIO driver that supports my FlexRIO module and it shows up correctly in MAX, but I still don't see any examples. 


For FlexRIO driver version before 15.5, the FlexRIO Adapter Module (FAM) Support example VI's are included in a separate FAM installation, not in the RIO driver. If you are missing either the analog or digital adapter module example VI's, it is possible that during the installation process of the FlexRIO Adapter Module the support files may not have been selected. Newer FlexRIO drivers include the FAM examples and does not require separate installation. 

When installing the core support for FAM you should be sure to check that the desired digital and analog support is enabled with the installation, if this feature is desired.  If you are missing these examples, and want to install them, simply do a "Modify" of the FlexRIO Adapter Module Support and make sure to include both the analog and digital adapter modules.

Once you do this, you should have the examples for all of the FlexRIO adapters.