Error -17300 When Using C# DLL in Teststand

Updated Sep 17, 2018

Reported In


  • TestStand

Programming Language

  • C# .NET

Issue Details

I am trying to call a function from a C# DLL and am receiving Error -17300. What is causing this?


This is caused by not passing in the C# constructor. You will first want to create a local object reference:

You will then want to call the constructor function in your DLL to pass the reference and store it in your local object reference. Then you will pass that object reference into the existing object of the DLL function you are wanting to call:

Additional Information

If you are familiar with calling DLLs in LabVIEW, it may be easier to understand in LabVIEW. There is a LabVIEW example, "Calling a Private .NET" that shows the steps you will need to take to call C# DLLs properly. This example shows creating a constructor (or reference to the DLL) and then passing that reference into invoke node to call the methods in the DLL. 


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