AVI Video Does Not Play At The Speed It Was Recorded At

Updated Jul 28, 2019

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  • Vision Development Module

Issue Details

I have Vision code that acquires from a camera and saves the frames to an AVI file.  When ever I play the AVI file after recording it, it runs at a slower or faster speed.  Why is this happening and how do I fix it?


For slower speed issues, this is most likely due to the acquisition performing faster than the saving/writing of the AVI file.  If the acquisition rate is too fast or the image to high quality, the frames will be dropped and not all the frames will be written to the file.  When the file is played by a media player, the video will play at what the camera was recording at, which is a faster frames per second (FPS) than the AVI file has saved.  This will then appear to run faster.  Possible work around's are listed here:
  • Acquire at a slower rate
  • Lower the image quality
  • Use another AVI codec
  • Upgrade the hardware the code is deployed to
  • Implement a Producer/Consumer architecture to buffer images
For faster speed issues, this could be that the AVI file is set to run at a higher FPS than what it was recorded at.  It could also be due to the codec you recorded the AVI file with.  Check the configuration settings for the recording and make sure the media player supports AVI files.


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