What Ettus Branded USRPs Are Supported in LabVIEW?

Updated Sep 22, 2020

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  • USRP Software Defined Radio Device
  • USRP Software Defined Radio Reconfigurable Device


  • LabVIEW FPGA Module
  • LabVIEW



Issue Details

  • I have an Ettus branded USRP, but I want to use LabVIEW with the NI-USRP driver or program the device FPGA using LabVIEW FPGA.  What Ettus USRPs support this?
  • LabVIEW does not recognise my USRP-B210 device.


Although some Ettus USRPs can be used with NI software, not all Ettus branded USRPs are supported by LabVIEW, LabVIEW FPGA, or the NI-USRP driver. You can verify the compatibility of specific versions of NI-USRP driver and the Ettus Branded USRPs in the respective readme document.  Below is a list of the Ettus products which are supported by NI software:
  • Ettus Research USRP2
  • Ettus Research N200
  • Ettus Research N210
  • Ettus Research X300
  • Ettus Research X310
Above devices are supported if using any of the following daughterboards:
  • TwinRX
  • UBX
  • CBX
  • CBX-120
  • WBX
  • WBX-120
  • SBX
  • SBX-120
  • XCVR2450
For fully integrated and single-board Ettus Research B200/B210 see additional information.

If you are using one of these products, you can update the firmware and FPGA images to use the NI-USRP driver or you can use LabVIEW FPGA if the device has a user programmable FPGA.

Additional Information

Because the B200/B210 connect to the host via USB 3.0, you will need to download the Ettus USB Hardware Driver in addition to the NI-USRP driver before the device will be recognized in LabVIEW. You also neet to utilize the NI-USRP Configuration Utility to rename your device so it can be identified by name with LabVIEW. You have to give the card a name to use it with LabVIEW.

Although not officially supported, other daughterboards may work correctly with LabVIEW FPGA or with the NI-USRP driver, however they have not been tested in these configurations by National Instruments.

Other Ettus branded devices must be programmed with the UHD driver (maintained by Ettus).