Missing External Function Error When Deploying Installer Using Chroma 63600

Updated Apr 6, 2023

Reported In


  • IVI Compliance Package

Issue Details

I am using Chroma 63600 in my LabVIEW application and have created an installer. My program works well in my development machine. However, I get an error in my deployment machine that says "Missing external function chr63600.dll:chr63600_X:C in VI chr63600 Y.vi." How do I resolve this error?


1. Ensure that you have built the installer and included all the dependencies. You can find more information about making installers on the following page:

Introduction to the LabVIEW Application Builder

2. As mentioned on the manufacturer website, the provided drivers require VISA Run-time Engine 14.0 and IVI Compliance Package 14.0. However, if you are using Windows 10, please use a newer version of the VISA Run-time Engine and the IVI Compliance Package that is compatible with Windows 10. 

Additional Information

You can find the driver and requirements by searching for Chroma 63600 on the following manufacturer page:

External Link: Chroma Driver Download Page