Address NI-USRP RF Channels in Separate Sessions

Updated Aug 22, 2018

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  • USRP-2944
  • USRP-2945
  • USRP-2940

Issue Details

Is it possible to address the channels of my NI-USRP using separate sessions? i.e. One session is open with RF0 TX1 and an independent session is opened with RF1 TX1:


Because of the fact that the NI-USRP driver's "Open Session" function creates a session based on the USRP's IP Address / Device Name, there is no way to open a device session specific to either RF Channel natively using the NI-USRP driver.

Additional Information

Since a large portion of the NI-USRP API takes a "channel list" input to differentiate settings and commands for different channels, it is possible to emulate a session-based framework with the USRP. However this is not functionality that is build into the driver.


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