Letter of Volatility for CompactRIO Real-Time Controllers

Updated Sep 11, 2018

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  • cRIO-9066
  • cRIO-9067
  • cRIO-9068
  • NI-9149
  • cRIO-9075
  • cRIO-9076
  • NI-9148
  • cRIO-9012
  • cRIO-9014
  • cRIO-9022
  • cRIO-9023
  • cRIO-9024
  • cRIO-9025
  • cRIO-9030
  • cRIO-9031
  • cRIO-9032
  • cRIO-9033
  • cRIO-9034
  • cRIO-9035
  • cRIO-9036
  • cRIO-9037
  • cRIO-9038
  • cRIO-9039
  • cRIO-9072
  • cRIO-9073
  • cRIO-9074
  • cRIO-9081
  • cRIO-9082
  • cRIO-9002
  • cRIO-9004

Issue Details

I need official documentation stating the memory characteristics of a specific CompactRIO embedded controller including type, size, whether the memory is user accessible, and its method of clearing. This includes the controller's volatile, non-volatile and media storage memory. Where can I find this information?


Attached to this document are memory declarations for some CompactRIO controllers. The documents contain the types of memory in each device, the amount, and whether or not the information stored in that memory is retained. Volatile memory loses its contents when the device is powered off while nonvolatile memory retains its contents when the device is powered off.