Fatal Internal Error 0xB7C5F12E AppInit.cpp Line 250 in LabVIEW DLL

Updated Aug 23, 2018

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Operating System

  • Windows

Programming Language

  • C++

Issue Details

I am calling a LabVIEW DLL from C++ application. When restarting the application repetitively, Fatal Internal Error 0xB7C5F12E  "AppInit.cpp" Line 250 occurs unexpectedly. However, when calling the DLL itself inside the application numerous times, there are no errors. 
How can I resolve this error?


AppInit.cpp is a part of Visual Studio, and is not something included in LabVIEW. Therefore, the problem may lie outside of the LabVIEW DLL. For instance, the DLL could be forced to exit when it wasn't ready, or the loaded DLL by reference could not have been finished before exiting the application. 

  •  If you are using LoadLibrary() and FreeLibrary() functions, make sure you are using them correctly
  • Try to force the thread to avoid the UI thread
  • Program the VI reentrant, which will create a new instance for the DLL 

Calling conventions and further details can be investigated by obtaining a crash dump file.



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