TestStand File Globals Not Saving

Updated Aug 22, 2018

Issue Details

I have an Array of data in TestStand. I read the data from a File Global and want to save the data back to the File Global once it has been modified.

However, when I restart TestStand the old values are still the old values, meaning the modified data does not save. 

I am saving the data to Runstate.ThisContext.FileGlobals.


Save the data to Runstate.SequenceFile.data.FileGlobalsDefaults.

This should save the data permanently so that restarting TestStand means you can see the data. 

Additional Information

Saving the Array to Runstate.ThisContext.FileGlobals will only save the variables for 'this context'.
​Restating TestStand creates a new context. So you are saving the values for a single instance of TestStand.