Boolean Indicators Do Not Show When Deploying Measurement Studio Application on Windows 10

Updated Aug 21, 2018

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  • Measurement Studio

Issue Details

I have a Measurement Studio executable that I built in Windows 7, and deployed to Windows 10. For some reason, when I run the executable on Windows 10, the boolean indicators (LEDs) do not appear. The application does not crash. What should I do?


This issue is due to rendering an indicator, which is why the application isn't crashing. The boolean exists, it's just not being shown. More likely than not, the issue is due to the deployment computer missing either Styles3D.dll or mesa.dll

You can use a program like Dependency Walker or ILSpy to check to see what DLLs are loaded when opening your Measurement Studio application and see if either Styles3D.dll or mesa.dll are not loaded.


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