Indicators Do Not Show When Deploying Measurement Studio Application

Updated Apr 24, 2023

Reported In


  • Measurement Studio

Issue Details

I have a Measurement Studio executable that I built and deployed to a target pc. For some reason, when I run the executable on the deployment pc, the boolean indicators (LEDs) do not show up correctly. The application works correctly when run on the development computer. How can I fix this issue?


This issue is due to rendering an indicator, which means there are probably missing dependencies to show up the boolean indicators correctly. This issue usually occurs when there is a missing .NET assembly on the deployment computer. For this particular issue, either NationalInstruments.UI.Styles3D.dll or mesa.dll are missing on the deployment computer. To fix the issue add these two .NET assemblies to the installer being used to deploy the Measurement Studio application or copy them to the deployment computer. In the following article, you can see a complete list of the .NET assemblies needed to deploy a Measurement Studio application: NI .NET Assemblies Needed to Deploy Applications.

Additional Information

You can use a program like Dependencies or ILSpy to check and see what DLLs are being loaded when opening your Measurement Studio application and see if either Styles3D.dll or mesa.dll are not loaded.