Calibration Executive Does Not Have a Procedure for My Device

Updated Nov 6, 2018

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  • Calibration Executive
  • Calibration Executive for Traditional DAQ

Issue Details

I'm using Calibration Executive to externally calibrate my NI modules.  Some modules that we own do not have calibration procedures in Calibration Executive.  How do I calibrate these devices? Does this mean these devices are not supported in Calibration Executive?


There are three main reasons why a device may not have a calibration procedure in Calibration Executive:
  1. The device does not need to, or cannot, be calibrated.  Certain modules do not have a calibration interval and do not need to be calibrated.  Check your device's user manual for specific information about calibration of that device.
  2. Your version of Calibration Executive is older than the hardware you're trying to calibrate.  To get updated calibration procedures for new devices, upgrade to the latest version of Calibration Executive.
  3. The device is a legacy device not supported by the DAQmx driver.  Certain legacy devices rely on a deprecated driver named Traditional DAQ (NI-DAQ).  Version 3.5.2 of Calibration Executive is the last version which supports these devices.  If you need the capability to calibrate both newer and legacy equipment, you can set up two machines or dual boot a computer with different versions of Cal Exec.  You cannot install multiple versions of Calibration Executive on the same PC.
If an automated procedure is not available, you can still calibrate the module in house by following the device's manual calibration procedure.  You can find calibration procedures online at  You can also send devices to NI for calibration through our RMA department.


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