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When Does the Debug Log of Volume License Manager Get Rewritten?

Updated Aug 25, 2020

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

I am using the National Instruments Volume License Manager (VLM) debug log to track when different changes are made. When does the debug log file overwrite itself?


The debug log collects important troubleshooting information related to the of operation of the VLM.  The information starts collection when you start the VLM.  The debug log is overwritten each time the VLM server is restarted.  

For example, if you have configured the server to start on system start-up, then the debug log will be overwritten every time the computer restarts. If you stop and start the VLM server, the debug log will be rewritten again. Until the server is restarted, new activity will continually be appended to the debug log file.