USB 3.0 Cameras Disappear from Device Manager and MAX on Restart

Updated Aug 21, 2018

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  • Basler ace

Issue Details

I have two USB 3.0 cameras plugged into my computer. These work fine normally, but whenever my PC is shut down or restarted, the cameras disappear from NI MAX and Device Manager.

When the cameras are disconnected and connected, they reappear in both NI MAX and Device Manager. 


Remove any USB hubs, adaptors or extenders.

Plug a single camera directly (i.e no hubs, adaptors or extenders) into a USB port and test the camera. 

Additional Information

USB hubs, adaptors, extenders or similar can confuse the drivers on the computer and lead them to not be recognised. Extenders can also lose power over the length of the cable and external power being supplied may still cause the USB 3.0 camera to not be properly enumerated/detected by the PC upon startup. 

It is also worth checking the your computers power settings for anything USB related, particularly if you are using a Laptop as the PC may be disabling the USB ports.


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