How to Make an X-Y Graph from a Dynamic Data on LabVIEW?

Updated Sep 14, 2023



  • LabVIEW

I need to make an X-Y graph from a dynamic data on LabVIEW, and that data is different datasets of a dynamic data. How can I do that?

To solve this, first, we are going to split the dynamic data to extract the datasets and use what we want.
1- To do that we can use the "Split signal" function.

2- After split the signal one option is to use a Chart to see each dataset

3- But if we want a graph, we will have to convert the dynamic data into an array, to do that we can use a Signal manipulation function called "From DDT"

4- There, we are going to see the next window:

5- And we are going to pass from a Dynamic Data to 1D array of scalars. With that arrays, we are able to have 2 components X and Y, to relate that components we can construct a bundle. With that bundle, we can construct an XY Graph