Using NI Example Finder

Updated Jan 3, 2019

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  • LabVIEW

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I would like to find certain examples in LabVIEW and was informed that I could access them mostly via Example Finder. How do I access it?


You could easily access NI Example Finder by doing the following:
  1. While opening LabVIEW, click Help on the menu bar (you can find it on the project explorer, front panel or block diagram window) 
  2. Select Find Examples... 
  3. A new window named NI Example Finder would show
  4. You may browse examples based on task or directory by double-clicking the folder symbol
  5. Double-click the desired examples 
  6. You could also find examples using keyword by click the search tab
  7. Input keyword in the provided field 

Additional Information

Always create a copy by saving as the examples to another name to avoid overwriting the original example VIs.

Please note that some certain set of examples won't be listed in the NI Example Finder, for example NI-USRP several example applications are only accessible by opening from the following locations:
  1. From the Start menu at Start»All Programs»National Instruments»NI-USRP»Examples.
  2. From the LabVIEW Functions palette at Instrument I/O»Instrument Drivers»NI-USRP»Examples.
You may also find examples on our website by accessing


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