No Compatible Variables Found in Selected Item Index Data Dashboard

Updated Sep 15, 2018

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  • Data Dashboard for LabVIEW
  • LabVIEW

Operating System

  • iOS

Issue Details

I am using Data Dashboard on my iPad and have a List Box indicator on my Dashboard. When I try to input a Selected Item Index it says that No compatible variable found for the control or indicator. What is the correct compatible variable for the Selected Item Index?


The compatible variable for the list box selected item index is a numeric integer. 

To get one of the items selected on the indicator, follow these steps: 

1. Select the List Box Indicator and press on the grey box. 

2. On the Choose a Property pop up, press on Selected Item Index.

3. After making a single numeric Shared Variable in LabVIEW, set the connection between your computer and the iPad. Below is an example of the shared variable in LabVIEW. 

4. After running the dashboard, the List Box Indicator will have the Selected Item Index highlighted. 


Additional Information

Data Dashboard only allows for the data type of a numeric integer for the Selected Item Index . It does not allow for an array of integers. 


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