Error -1074135024 occured using PXIe-408x at niDMM Configure Multi

Updated Oct 5, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-4080
  • PXIe-4081
  • PXIe-4082

Issue Details

I was using the Switch-Scanning with a using PXIe-4071 but after I changed the module to PXIe-4081 I got the error.

Error -1074135024 occurred at niDMM Configure Multi
Possible reason(s):
lVl:  (Hex 0xBFFA0010) Invalid value for parameter or property.
Channel cannot be NULL or empty

Requested Value Interval
Possible Values : Immediate, Software Trig, TTL 0, TTL 1, TTL 2, TTL 3, TTL 4, TTL 5, TTL 6, TTL 7
Property: Sample Trigger

According to the error code, it seems to be a sample trigger problem. What is the problem?


When I check the error code, the problem is that the value of the sample trigger is incorrect. Check Results about PXIe-408X and PXIe-407x. The PXIe-408x series does not support Interval Trigger.

For Interval Trigger only support for all NI-DMMs other than the NI PXIe-408x series. The PXIe-408x Series does not support Interval Trigger, so we should be used possible values such as Immediate, Software trig, TTL 0, TTL 1, TTL 2, TTL 3, TTL 4, TTL 5, TTL 6, TTL 7.



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