Can Digital Pattern Instrument Be Used with TestStand 32-bit?

Updated Aug 31, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-6570
  • PXIe-6571


  • TestStand
  • NI TestStand Semiconductor Module
  • LabVIEW


  • NI-Digital Pattern Driver

Issue Details

I am going to use PXIe-6570 with TestStand 2016 SP1 32-bit. I worry about compatibility issue becauseĀ  according to the Readme of the Digital Pattern Driver 18.0, only TestStand 2016 64-bit or 2016 SP1 64-bit are supported by the driver. I am going to develop VIs which control PXIe-6570 and call the VIs from TestStand as code modules. Can I use the driver with TestStand 32-bit?


The NI-Digital Pattern Driver is only supported for TestStand 64-bit. The driver installs some features into TestStand such as pin mapping. This functionality would not be installed on TestStand 32-bit. It may be possible for TestStand 32-bit to call LabVIEW code modules which use the NI-Digital driver, but this is not a tested configuration and you could run into memory issues when loading large patterns. We recommend using the driver with TestStand 64-bit.


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