Why Does My WSN-3214 Fail To Power On?

Updated Aug 17, 2018

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  • WSN-3214

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I have a WSN-3214 that has not had a problem for some time. Now it doesn’t turn on. There are no LEDs on. Why does my WSN-3214 fail to power on?


This can be caused by many reasons. This KnowledgeBase article describes one particular case caused by a component that can slowly fail.

NI discovered an issue with a component used in the power supply circuit of the WSN-3214. This component can fail unexpectedly, and typically happens after 1-2 years. Because of this, NI will refund the associated RMA fee for failures due to this component. Units that experience this issue typically fail to power on from one power supply method – either the batteries or the external power connection – and may progress to fail to power on via either method. Another test that you can do to determine if your unit is experiencing this failure is to test for a short between the positive and negative terminals of the failing power supply method. If there is a short, there is a high probability that your device is failing to power on due to this

Additional Information

The internal component degrades with use faster than specified. This is a non-deterministic failure and could happen faster than 1 year of use or after 2+ years of use, although most of the failures happen within 1-2 years. Since at the time of this article, the WSN-3214 is in the “Maintenance” phase of it’s lifecycle, NI will continue to repair units as supplies of components allow.


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