How Do I Switch Between an XY Graph and a Time-Based Graph?

Updated Aug 24, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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I'm creating a program to display data from a variety of tests. I need to be able to display the values from my sensors as they change over time like a Waveform Graph, but then need to display two of the data sets in relation to each other like an XY Graph. Is there any way to do this on one graph?


It is possible to do this, but may require you to modify the way in which your data is stored, if you prepared your data for use with a Waveform Graph.

Using the Select function, you can pass different sets of data to the graph of your choice to programatically switch between two different representations.
  1. Ensure each data set is in separate 1D arrays
  2. Use the Bundle function to create a cluster from each data set and its corresponding time values (X values on top).
  3. For all the data sets in the time-based graph, use Build Array to create an array of these clusters
  4. Use the Bundle function to combine the arrays for two data sets that need to be represented in relation to each other
  5. Use Build Array on just this cluster to create another array of clusters
  6. Wire both this array of clusters and the one you previously created into the input terminals of the Select function
  7. Wire the Boolean input terminal of the Select function to the control or piece of code you want controlling the switching between representations
  8. Wire the output terminal of the Select function into either an XY Graph or a Mixed Signal Graph


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