Why Do I Get a "No Device(s) Detected" Error Message in FlexLogger?

Updated Sep 25, 2018

Reported In


  • NI-9401
  • cDAQ-9189


  • FlexLogger 2018 R3

Issue Details

I have a compactDAQ with an NI 9401 module connected to my computer. I can connect to the chassis and module in MAX, but not in FlexLogger (version 2018 R3). When attempting to do so, I receive the following message stating "No device(s) detected":

I have gone through the above-suggested steps but it did not work, how can I solve this?


This is expected behavior because FlexLogger 2018 R3 does not support the NI 9401 module. Please see the
​FlexLogger 2018 R3 Readme for a complete list of supported modules. 

Note: This issue is resolved in FlexLogger 2018 R4. Please see the latest FlexLogger 2018 R4 Readme to see a complete list of supported hardware products. 


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