Accessing NI Volume License Manager from Multiple User Accounts

Updated Apr 6, 2023



  • Volume License Manager

My volume license server is hosted on one computer, but we have multiple administrators that each have their own login for the server computer. If they login to the server, will they each see the same Volume License Manager settings?

Note: Before completing the below steps, it's advised to back up the Volume License Manager folder. 

Yes, it's possible to have multiple user accounts for your Volume License Server on the same computer, though they will not be able to access them at the same time. Complete the following steps to allow multiple administrators to access the same server:
  1. Login to the first user account.
  2. Open the NI Volume License Manager and use the Getting Started Wizard to set up the server. 
    • This will include specifying the correct license file, setting up users and groups, and setting any specific permissions.
  3. Log out of the first account, and log into the second. 
    • You cannot access the server from more than one account at a given time.
  4. Open the NI Volume License Manager. You will see the same Getting Started Wizard as you did previously.
  5. Go through the wizard as you did in the other user account and include the license file if prompted. 
    • You will also need to ensure the overdraft and import settings are consistent from the last account. Otherwise, the new settings will override the originals.
    • You should not have to setup any of your users or groups again. Those should carry across from the first user account.
After going through these steps, you should be able to see any changes made in the NI Volume License Manager from one user login to another. You will be able to keep the Volume License Server running while switching user logins, but only one user may access the server at a time. 

If, after completing these steps, you do not see settings propagate from one account to another, copy the Volume License Manager folder from one user and paste it into the same location on the other user login. That folder is located at: C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\Volume License Manager, where ProgramData is a hidden folder

Additional Information

Because the NI Volume License Manager information is stored on a shared location on the computer, and changes made on one user account will propagate to another.