SCXI Accessory Module Not Recognized in NI MAX

Updated Oct 24, 2018

Reported In


  • SCXI-1311
  • SCXI-1333
  • SCXI-1313

Issue Details

I am able to see my SCXI chassis and data acquisition modules in NI MAX, but for some reason my computer doesn't seem to recognize the SCXI terminal block accessory module. Why is this? Should I be using a different version of DAQmx? 


SCXI Accessory Modules need to be manually configured in NI MAX for them to appear under the Devices and Interfaces tab.

When you first configure an SCXI chassis, the Chassis Configuration window will prompt you to enter the details of any accessories you may be using with your data acquisition modules.

After you enter the accessory in the Chassis Configuration window you should be able to see the accessory module in NI MAX.

In order to add an accessory module after the initial chassis configuration, you will need to:
  • Go to the data acquisition module in NI MAX and click the 'Configure' button.

  • In the Configuration window navigate to the Accessory selector and choose the accessory you are using with the device.

  • Click 'OK' and the accessory should now be visible in NI MAX (see images below).


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