DAQExpress Connection Error or Offline Usage

Updated Jul 25, 2023

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  • DAQExpress

Issue Details

  • I'm working on a computer that is not connected to the internet. When I launch DAQExpress it does not open and displays following connection error, can I work offline with DAQExpress?
  • Whenever I launch DAQExpress, I log in to my NI Account and then I see the below error message. How can I resolve this?
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Offline Usage

Depending on the version of DAQExpress, it can either be used completely offline or offline during a definite time period. 
  1. Periodically offline: DAQExpress versions above 2.0:
  • DAQExpress will ask you to log into your NI account during first start when internet connection is established.
  • Otherwise connect your PC to the internet, launch DAQExpress and log in.
  • After first launch and log in, it is possible to use DAQExpress offline for the next three months without a license. After this time, you will be asked to log in into your account again.
  1. Offline: DAQExpress versions 2.0 and earlier:
  • You can purchase a license of DAQExpress to activate it if you cannot access the internet periodically.

Connection Error

Follow the steps below to resolve the connection error:
  1. Verify that the PC has a stable internet connection.
  2. If possible, disable any Anti-Virus or Firewall that could be inhibiting network communication.
  3. Verify that DAQExpress is permitted to communicate using TCP/HTTPS on ports 433, 80, 3580 and 53.
  4. Ensure that DAQExpress can reach the following URLs:
    • conduit-locator.ni.com
    • conduit.ni.com
    • download.ni.com
    • ftp.ni.com
    • epsilon.ni.com
    • auth.ni.com
    • delta.ni.com
    • ni.scene7.com