Can I Use a 8301 Thunderbolt Connection With A Virtual Machine?

Updated Sep 3, 2020

Reported In


  • PXIe-8301
  • Thunderbolt Cable

Issue Details

I have an 8301 with a Thunderbolt connection and would like to use with a virtual machine. Is this supported?


While the Thunderbolt connection may work with some virtual machines, we do not benchmark our products with virtual machines and therefore it is not supported. 

Additional Information

Thunderbolt connections are enumerated upon first boot up and the enumeration data is stored in a look up table that is accessed whenever a Thunderbolt connection with the same configuration is made during run time. This allows the Thunderbolt connection to be hot swappable as long as there is the initial BIOS enumeration. For the connection to be recognized in a virtual machine, the virtual machine's BIOS must be communicating with the BIOS of the host machine and as we do not spec this, we cannot guarantee that a connection would succeed.