How Can I Configure a NI 17xx Smart Camera with Vision Builder AI?

Updated Apr 25, 2023



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How Can I Detect and Configure a NI 17xx Smart Camera with Vision Builder AI?

Complete the following steps to install Vision Builder AI and configure NI 17xx Smart Camera.

Configuring the NI Smart Camera with Vision Builder AI
​Install and activate Vision Builder AI on the development computer.
  1. Launch Vision Builder AI.
  2. On the Vision Builder AI welcome screen, select the NI Smart Camera in the list of targets.
  3. Click Install Software. The Remote Target Configuration Wizard launches in a new window.
  4. In the Name field, enter any additional information or a brief description of the device.
  5. Click Next.
Configuring the IP Adress
  1. If the network is configured to issue IP addresses using DHCP, select Obtain address from DHCP server. Otherwise, configure the IP addess manually by selecting Edit the IP settings and clicking Suggest Values.
  2. If you want to prevent other users from configuring the smart camera, select Enable Password  and click Set Password to set up password protection.
  3. Click Next.
Install Software on the NI Smart Camera
  1. In the Remote Target Configuration Wizard, enable the Update Target Software checkbox.
  2. Click the Browse button next to the Software Image to Install on the Target control.
  3. Navigate to the Vision Builder AI software image you want to use, and click OK. Software images provided by National Instruments are installed to the <Vision Builder AI>\ RT Images directory, where <Vision Builder AI> is the location where Vision Builder AI is installed.
  4. Click OK to apply the IP configuration settings and download software to the smart camera.
  5. Click OK to close the Remote Target Configuration Succesful dialog box.
Acquire an Image
Complete the following steps to acquire an image using Vision Builder AI.
  1. On the Vision Builder AI welcome screen, select the NI Smart Camera in the list of targets.
  2. Click Acquire Image (Smart Camera) Example to open the image acquisition example in the Vision Builder AI Configuration Interface.
  3. Click the Run State Once button to acquire a single image.
  4. In the State Configuration Windo, select Acquire Image (Smart Camera) step.
  5. Click the Edit Step button. the property page for the step opens.
  6. Use the controls on the Main, Trigger, Lighting, and Advanced tabs to confugure any additional settings necessary for your application.
  7. Click OK to save the step configuration
After following these steps you NI 17xx Smart Camera should be properly configured with Vision Builder AI. For more information go to the related links.