Resolving Issues in the Agreement License File When Replacing Old License File

Updated Aug 28, 2019

Reported In


  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

When replacing my old license file with a new one, I come across the following message when trying to apply changes:

Action disabled. This action is disabled until you resolve all issues in the Agreement License File Installation panel or cancel agreement license file installation.

When this message comes up, I am not able to gain access to the panel referenced in this error message. How do I get past this error?


This usually happens when you are moving from an old license with more seats to a new one that has fewer seats on a specific license. There could be too many users assigned, or VLM could be trying to allow too many seats.

To circumvent this error, you will need to make changes to your volume license manager prior to adding the new license file. You will need to remove at least the number of users from a license as many seats the license was changed by. In VLM, you must make sure the number of seats granted matches what will be available in the new license, and does not exceed it. Doing this then adding the new license file should avoid this error.

Additional Information

If this error persists and prevents you from changing anything in Volume License Manager, you will have to restart Volume License Manager by ending the Volume License Manager task in task manager, then reopening. This should revert you back to your old License File.

To prevent the issue from reoccurring when you try to install the new license file again, you may have to remove users from certain licenses so that the License File can install properly.