NI Stepper Configuration Discovery Class A or B Subnet Error

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • Integrated Stepper Drive and Motor Device
  • Stepper Motor Drive


NI Stepper Configuration Utility

Issue Details

I am trying to discover my Stepper Motor Drive (SMD) or Integrated Stepper Motor and Drive (ISM) in the NI Stepper Configuration Utility by going to Drive >> Drive Discovery... but I get an window that pops up stating:
Cannot perform discovery on a Class A or B subnet (too many possible hosts).


The reason for the above message is because the subnet mask for your ethernet interface on your computer has a subnet mask that is too broad.  You will need to set the subnet mask to in order to use the Drive Discovery... option.  Refer to Microsoft's Change TCP/IP settings document on how to manually set an IP address and subnet mask on your computer.

With a properly configured subnet mask, you should have something that resembles the image below. 


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