IP Camera Not Working on cRIO Start-Up Application

Updated Mar 22, 2018

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  • CompactRIO Controller


Hardware: IP Camera

Issue Details

I developed an application on my cRIO 9035 and I am using an IP and USB camera to acquire images on my cRIO. The code is working normally but, when I build a start-up application and launch it on the cRIO, my USB camera is working without problems however my IP camera is not. How can I solve this issue?


It is important to set the proper IP address for the camera to work with the CompactRIO.  The easiest setup is to place both the CompactRIO and the IP camera on the same subnetwork.  If both devices have an IP address on the same subnet you should be able to use the camera and CompactRIO in the same project.  This is especially useful (and necessary) if the CompactRIO controller only has one Ethernet port.
It is also possible to use the camera on the second Ethernet port of the CompactRIO.  For this setup, the camera and the second Ethernet port must again have an IP address on the same subnet.  However, both devices must be set up for a static IP address that is on a different subnet than the primary CompactRIO port. Configuring the IP setting of the camera can differ depending upon the manufacturer and model.  A software tool provided by the manufacturer is almost always needed to configure the IP setting of the camera. 


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