Cluster Control on LabVIEW Front Panel Causes High CPU Usage

Updated Oct 27, 2023

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I developed a VI, with a cluster control, customized in terms of colors, borders etc, on the front panel.
After doing a few modifications to the cluster (essentially, resizing it), I noticed that simply opening the VI causes CPU usage for LabVIEW process to increase at about 15-25%, even if I don't run any VI.
I understood that the cause of the problem is my cluster, since the problem is replicated also on a new VI with the same cluster on the front panel only.

What could have determined this behaviour?


In order to try to reduce the CPU usage, you should try the following operations:
  • right-click your cluster control and select AutoSizing » Arrange Horizontally or AutoSizing » Arrange Vertically in order to resize the cluster properly and avoid overlapping controls in it (redrawing overlapping controls in more CPU-intensive)
  • check for transparent objects in your cluster, for example transparent labels, transparent buttons, controls with transparent background etc: if it is your situation, use the LabVIEW Coloring tool, which you can show by selecting View » Tools Palette, to change the color to avoid transparency:


Additional Information

If these tests are not successful, please contact National Instruments Technical Support.