TestStand Prompts to Activate while Running Deployment

Updated Jun 14, 2018

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  • TestStand

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I am using the TestStand Base Deployment Engine to deploy a test sequence onto several of my test machines. When it gets to a point in the sequence that generates a new sequence based on operator input, a prompt to activate the TestStand license is launched. Entering the same Activation Code does not work, so I have to select continue with Evaluation for 7 Days.

Shouldn’t the license that was activated for the Base Deployment Engine also be valid for any other TestStand sequences launched?


The TestStand Base Deployment Engine License is the minimum license required for all deployed TestStand-based applications. This license allows you to deploy the TestStand Enginer, but not to create or edit sequence files.

The activation prompt is trying to activate the TestStand Development System License, which is required for all test sequence development and editing. You will need to upgrade your license or modify your code so that it doesn't attempt to edit or create test sequence files during execution.


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