Hide Certain Points on a Graph in LabVIEW

Updated May 3, 2018

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I want to be able to select what element to graph or multiple elements to graph.


To be able to pick and choose what points you would like to graph use boolean controlscase structures and for loops.

Concept: Each array of data values and array of booleans are indexed into a for loop and are fed into a case structure with true/false states, which are based on the array of LED lights of on/off (on = true; off = false). The true and false correspond to whether the data is read or not to plot into the graph.
  • True = data value is read 
  • False = data value given is not read
Example: Figure 1 and 2, below, shows an example of how to implement the above idea

Few of the important things to note:
  • The “LED Light" in the Block Diagram (Figure 1) is an array of Front Panel (FP) controls that are Boolean LED lights
  • “NaN” means “Not a Number” and is a constant going into the Build Array
    • This allows that “space” to be taken up so that the array does not shift down
    • As you can see in the FP (Figure 2), there is a disconnect where the “NaN” was fed in.
      • To remedy this situation (if needed):
        • Replace the point with the previous or next value or the average of a combination of those 3 (previous, current, next) values
        • Plot as a scatter plot rather than a line graph
Figure 1: Block Diagram
Figure 2: Front Panel



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