Why Is an EMI Suppression Ferrite a Required Accessory for My C Series Module?

Updated Jan 9, 2023

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  • EMI Suppression Ferrite
  • NI-9229
  • NI-9239
  • NI-9230
  • NI-9232
  • NI-9401

Issue Details

  • I am purchasing a C Series module and the purchase page is requiring that I purchase an EMI Suppression Ferrite. Why is that?
  • Is the EMI Suppression Ferrite really required to use my C Series module or is it just recommended?


  • Whether or not the EMI Suppression Ferrite is required depends on your particular application environment. The EMI Suppression Ferrite is needed for high noise environments that require extra signal shielding or labs that operate under particular FCC regulations. 
  • Some C Series modules require the use of noise-suppression ferrites to ensure specified EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility) performance. In environments that require them, you must install the clamp-on ferrite beads in accordance with the product installation instructions. Refer to the appropriate module’s operating instructions and specifications for more information.