Incorrect Measurement View Using ASAM ODS DataFinder Server

Updated Mar 26, 2018

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  • DataFinder Server


AVL Concerto

Issue Details

I am using a third-party ASAM-compliant client (such as AVL Concerto)  to connect to NI DataFinder Server (configured as an ASAM ODS Server).
DataFinder Server is indexing multiple .tdms file, which have a custom property at group/measurement level. Each group in a single file has its own value for this custom property.
Using a different database with the data (not DataFinder Server) I was able to view my measurements organized by this custom property:
However, when connecting to DataFinder Server, I can see directly the .tdms files, simply organized by file name:
How can I obtain a custom view of my data when using ASAM ODS Interface of DataFinder Server, in order to organize my data by a custom property value?


DataFinder Server Edition allows you the flexibility to view data in a way that makes the most sense to you by creating a custom data hierarchy. The process to achieve this is different based on the DataFinder Server and DIAdem version you installed; please follow the proper tutorial linked below:


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