Error -200431 When Creating a Linear Encoder Counter Input Task With PCI/PXI-6052E

Updated Sep 20, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI-6052E
  • PCI-6052E


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I am using a PXI-6052E DAQ device and I tried to configure a Counter Input Linear Encoder DAQmx task for counter 0 of my device.
However, when starting the task I am getting the following error:

Error -200431 occurred at DAQmx Create Channel
Possible reason(s):

Selected physical channel does not support the measurement type required by the virtual channel you are creating.

Create a channel of a measurement type that is supported by the physical channel, or select a physical channel that supports the measurement type.

Property: CI.MeasType
Requested Value: Position:Linear Encoder
Possible Values: Frequency, Period, Pulse Width, Semi Period, Count Edges



Counter input encoder tasks are not supported by PXI-PCI-6052E or in general by any DAQ device belonging to E-Series family (60xxE devices). 
The counter input tasks supported by PXI-PCI-6052E and by E-series devices in general are the following:
  • Frequency
  • Period
  • Pulse Width
  • Semi Period
  • Count Edges

Linear encoder and angular encoder tasks are supported by devices belonging to M Series (62xx) and X Series (63xx) families.

Additional Information

The DAQ-STC, the System Timing Controller device, is used on National Instruments E Series multifunction DAQ devices as the timing engine for data acquisition and control operations. The DAQ-STC includes two general-purpose counter/timers that are useful for a wide variety of applications. However, it does not support directly quadrature encoders. There is a workaround to use quadrature encoders with E Series DAQ boards

National Instruments released the next series of multifunction DAQ devices, NI M Series. The M Series devices, based on the NI-STC 2 system timing controller, provide NI-TIO counter features such as quadrature encoder support; anti-dithering circuitry; and 32-bit, 80 MHz flexible counter/timers. This allows quadrature encoder use without the aid of an external quadrature clock converter.