How Do I Add Menu Items in TestStand?

Updated Apr 17, 2018

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  • TestStand

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I want to add menu items to my TestStand Operator Interface. How can I do this?


Customizing the operator interface by adding menu items is a common task. However, knowing the right functions to call in order to build a menu item (which would depend on the programming language being used), adding the code that needs to be executed when the item is selected, and finding the right place to do all this in the source code of the operator interface might not be easy. Furthermore, this type of customization might be hard to maintain since the whole source code of the operator interface would need to be open in order to make any modification. Therefore, a better and simpler option to add menu items is to create a Configuration Entry Point in your process model.

Configuration Entry Points are special sequences in the process model sequence file that are most commonly used to configure a feature of the process model. However, you can add your own configuration entry point sequences and include any steps that will perform the actions you need. Furthermore, when you configure a sequence to be a Configuration Entry Point, you have the option to select a menu item for it. When the user selects that menu item, the steps added to the sequence will be run.

Some of the advantages of adding configuration entry point sequences are the following:
  • No need to add code to the operator interface. Configuration entry points automatically appear as menu items in the Sequence Editor as well as in any of the shipping TestStand Operator Interfaces.
  • Easy to maintain. Since configuration entry points are just sequences, it is very simple to locate them and modify them by adding, removing or re-configuring steps.

For information about how to create a configuration entry point, please refer to the the "Managing Process Model Entry Points".