Using XNET Custom Baud Rate in VeriStand

Updated Jul 25, 2018

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I want to use XNET Custom Baud Rate in VeriStand. Is it possible to use XNET Custom Baud Rate in VeriStand?


Custom Baud Rate can not be used as a basic function of XNET provided by VeriStand. Basic XNET function of VeriStand only supports Baud Rate. However, you can add the feature through a Custom Device.

You can find instructions for building a Custom Device on the NI website.

Additional Information

Custom Device

Custom devices enable you to customize and extend the functionality of NI VeriStand by packaging LabVIEW code, or any code you can call from LabVIEW, into a "device" that you can add to an NI VeriStand system definition file and deploy to a target. 

Custom Baud Rate

The baud rate of a CAN device can be customized by Bit Timing Registers, Sample Point, etc. The following figure 1 shows one example on an XNET Bus monitor. You can find more specifics at this Link.

Figure 1. XNET Custom Baud Rate


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