Accelerometer Mounting Options

Updated May 3, 2018

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What are the mounting options for the accelerometers we offer on our website?


There are two types of mounting mechanism for our accelerometers offered on our website. It can either be a stud or through hole type. Both methods can provide various mounting options with additional accessories. 
  1. A drill can be tapped into the mounting surface which the stud can screw into. This requires a smooth flat surface and recommended for testing at high frequencies.
  2. The accelerometer can be mounted with an adhesive. Hot glue or wax can be used for a temporary mount. A two part epoxy or super glue can be used for permanent mounts.
    1. By removing the stud from the accelerometer an adhesive can be applied directly on the flat surface.
    2. A mounting pad can be attached to the accelerometer and adhesive can be applied to the mounting pad.
  3. A flat magnet can be attached to the accelerometer.
  4. A curved surface magnet can be attached to the accelerometer.
  5. A hand probe can be attached to the accelerometer (not recommended for most applications).

Additional Information

The mounting accessories are not provided on our website.


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