Is a USB Controller Compatible with CompactRIO-903X?

Updated Apr 25, 2018

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  • cRIO-9032

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I would like to connect a hand-held remote controller to the cRIO-9032. I have come across this post.

Would a Sony PS3 controller (or any other handheld gaming-type controller) work with the cRIO-9032? 


Unfortunately, NI makes no guarantee that a specific USB device will work. While we don't support this configuration, community members have tested out such devices and shared their findings in the post you have mentioned. You may be able to find an answer for your specific USB device by posting in the NI Linux Real-Time community. You can also check if your device is compatible by following these steps


Additional Information

The Input Device Control VIs are also only meant for Windows, so you will have to communicate with the device generally using USB RAW


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