Can I Connect a MXI-3 or MXI-4 Board To a MXI-Express x1 Board?

Updated Apr 25, 2023

Reported In


  • PXI-8336
  • PCI-8366

Issue Details

  • Can I connect a MXI-3 or MXI-4 board to a MXI-Express x1 board?
  • Why can't I find PXI-8336 in NI MAX after I connected it with PCI-8366?


No. MXI-3, MXI-4, and MXI-Express x1 boards use different cable connectors and protocols in most cases and cannot be mixed. This is because the board-to-board communication protocols differ. For example, an NI PCI 8336, which is a MXI-4 product, will not work with an NI PXI-8366 even though the connectors are the same.

Refer to the MXI-Express x1 Series User Manual for more information.

Additional Information

The screenshot below shows an example from the MXI-Express x1 Series User Manual that although products have the same cable connection they can only work in valid cases.