Connect USB DAQ Devices to cRIO Controller

Updated Apr 16, 2018

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  • USB Cable

Issue Details

Can I connect my NI USB DAQ device to cRIO controller via a USB connection? 


The connection between a NI USB DAQ device to a cRIO controller is not a supported configuration

Additional Information

There are two points that can be mentioned regarding in incompatibility of this configuration:
  1. In most of the cases, NI cRIO controllers run using the following Operating Systems: Phar Lap ETS, VxWorks and NI Linux Real-Time and NI USB DAQ devices are developed to interface with Windows Operation System.
  2. The cRIO is a deterministic system, the USB is not. The USB is not the right interface in this configuration for running deterministic tasks as the cRIO was implemented to do. The cRIO was created to be used with C series model, not with USB devices. 


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