Display Transmitted and Received Frames in NI XNET Bus Monitor

Updated Oct 25, 2020




The NI XNET Bus Monitor is seeing the received XNET frames, but it does not display the frames that I am transmitting from my LabVIEW XNET VI. How can I show both received and transmitted frames from my system in the NI XNET Bus Monitor?

To enable the NI XNET Bus Monitor to log transmitted frames from your running XNET VI, configure the NI XNET Bus Monitor settings in the following way.

  1. Start the XNET Bus Monitor.
  2. In XNET Bus Monitor choose Settings menu >> Interface and Database Settings
  3. Select the NI-XNET you want to use under Interface Name.
  4. Set Run Mode to Subordinate.
  5. Check Log Transmitted Frames. The Log Transmitted Frames property allows you to display and log frames that are transmitted from the same interface. 

Additional Information

This setting can be used for any NI-XNET frames, including CAN, FlexRAY, and LIN.