Error Code 7 at the Call Library Function Node

Updated Nov 26, 2019

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

  • When running the executable on the target computer, there is an error code 7 at the  Call Library Function Node. Why does this happen and how can I fix it? 
  • When I try to run an application, I receive the following error message: "Error 7 occurred at Call Call Library function Node in ...". 


This could be occurring because the target computer may be:
  1. A different OS than the Server computer - DLL's can change location or not even be available between different OS's
  2. The function cannot call a DLL that was not sent over through the Application (.exe)
You could fix this issue by:
  1. Using the same OS on your Server and Target if using DLL's from the OS system
  2. If the DLL's are from a 3rd party: Install the DLL's from the 3rd part onto the target computer
  3. Add the DLL to the executable so that it is carried over to any target computer:
    1. Go to the Project Explorer
    2. Right click Build Specifications
    3. New --> Shared Library (DLL)
    4. In Information choose the Destination directory of the DLL's that you want to include
    5. In Source Files chose what you want to "Always Include"
    6. Click Build
    7. Make sure that the file will be part of the EXE by following this article How Do I Add A DLL To A LabVIEW EXE?.  
  4. Open the the VI being referenced in the error message, and make sure that the DLL(s) being called from this VI exists in the path defined in the Call Library Function Node. 

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