Creating DLL with No Exports Warning in LabWindows™/CVI

Updated Oct 18, 2022

Reported In


  • LabWindows/CVI

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

After opening a project in LabWindows/CVI, I try to create a dynamic link library (DLL) from my source. However, during the compiling and linking process, I receive the following error message: Warning: Creating a DLL with no exports. No import libraries will be created. 

Additionally, no import library (LIB) is created as part of the process; only a DLL and a .cdb file are created as the following screenshot illustrates: 

How do I resolve this warning and create an import library for use with my DLL?


You need to configure the build's target settings to include symbols/exports to eliminate this warning message and for an import library to be created. Complete the following steps to configure the target settings:
  1. Ensure you have selected the menu Build»Target Type»Dynamic Link Library for creating a DLL.
  2. Select Build»Target Settings to open the Target Settings dialog box.
  3. Click the Change button under Exports to open the DLL Export Options dialog box.

4.Place check-marks beside the header files from which you want to include symbols.

5.Click OK to close the DLL export Options dialog.
6.Click OK to close the Target Settings dialog window.
7.In CVI 2013, select Build»Build.
   In CVI 2012 and previous, select Build»Create [Debuggable] Dynamic Link Library.
8.Confirm through the subsequent LabWindows/CVI Message dialog that your .dll, .cdb, and .lib files were created.