cDAQ C Series Module won't Appear in NI MAX

Updated Jun 8, 2018

Issue Details

  • I have a cDAQ module plugged into my cDAQ.  The slot shows as empty in NI MAX, even though it is physically plugged in.  Why is this?
  • I had code running that quit out with an error.  Ever since, my cDAQ module will not show up in NI MAX: the slot appears empty.  Other modules of the same type also fail to appear in NI MAX when plugged in.
  • My cDAQ module doesn't show up in NI MAX regardless of which slot I put it in.  Other modules work fine in any cDAQ slot.


This error can be caused by a corruption in the MAX database.  Be sure to Export/Import (Save) the System Configuration in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) first if you do not want to lose data from the MAX database.  Then Fix or Restore the NI MAX Database File.


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