Effects of Admin Rights versus Non-admin Rights

Updated Mar 16, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

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  • Will removing admin rights affect or cause any problems with my hardware/software?
  • Is it recommended to always have admin rights?


Note: National Instruments does not have a public stance on using software/hardware with or without administrative rights

The following points are some suggestions and advice:
  • Generally recommend having admin rights for installs and/or upgrades
  • Uninstalling or Repairing National Instruments Software or Drivers in Windows generally needs admin rights
  • We don't have the capabilities to test all variations and combinations of setups to see what could go wrong without admin rights. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that if admin rights are revoked everything will run fine.
  • Not having admin rights can limit a user's range of tasks but giving a user "full control" can help broaden this. However, even with full control, there could be some features that could be unusable to the user.


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