Deploy LabVIEW Code to a Touch Panel Computer

Updated Apr 4, 2022



  • TPC-2206
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  • TPC-2215
  • TPC-2230


  • LabVIEW

I've written LabVIEW code and I want to deploy the code to my touch panel computer. What are the steps to complete the deployment?

LabVIEW 2014 and later

Starting in LabVIEW 2014, code deployment to touch panel computers is integrated into the LabVIEW project. The LabVIEW project should have a touch panel computer (TPC) target with code on the target.
  1. Build your LabVIEW code into an executable by right-clicking the Build Specifications item under the touch panel computer target and selecting Application (EXE). Configure and build the executable. 
  1. Build an installer by right-clicking Build Specifications under the TPC target and selecting Installer. Configure the destinations and shortcuts on the installer for your TPC.
  1. There is now a built executable and a built installer under the TPC target in the LabVIEW project. To deploy the executable to the TPC, ensure the target is connected to the development computer via ethernet, that the target is powered on, and that the IP address of the target is correct. Right-click the installer created in Step 2. and click Install.

Clicking Install will begin the deployment process and will install the built executable on your TPC, with the appropriate drivers and run-times, in the location specified in the installer options.

Earlier Than LabVIEW 2014

The touch panel computer (TPC) deployment process for LabVIEW versions earlier LabVIEW 2014 is described in detail by the following whitepaper:

LabVIEW Touch Panel Module Getting Started Guide for LabVIEW Base Development System